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 - 2006-02-08: Recipe of the Day

Spicy Dill Pickles - Canning Recipe
15 lbs small pickling cucumbers
12-16 sterilized wide mouth jars, lids, and rings
For the brine
6 quarts water
2 quarts apple cider vinegar
1 1/2 cups pickling salt
For the bottom of the jars
24 grape leaves (2 per jar)
24 fresh garlic cloves, peeled (2-3 per jar)
48 slices fresh jalapeno peppers (4-5 per jar, use more or less to adjust spiciness)
1 1/2 teaspoons alum (1/8 tsp per jar)
12 heads dill weed (1 head per jar)

In a large stock pot bring brine to a full boil.
Put listed ingredients in the bottom of each sterile jar. Pack tightly with cucumbers- it is important to pack tightly as they will shrink, and fill jar to the neck to leave headroom.
Pour hot brine into each jar and let stand 5-10 minutes (I do this 3 jars at a time).
After the jars have brined for 5-10 mins, ONE JAR AT A TIME, pour the brine into a small pot and bring to a full boil, and pour back over the previously brined pickles.
Immediately wipe the rim and place the lid and ring and screw down tightly.
Place on a thick clean towel, and cover to seal overnight.
Note: these are fresh-pack pickles and do not require water bathing. If some of the jars do not seal over night, repeat step #4 with a new lid. If you continue to have problems with sealing, you might have some pickles sticking up too far into the headroom, or you may waterbath them, but they won't taste as fresh.

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